Microsoft Azure

UX and Visual Designer, 2011-2014  |  Creative Direction: Jonah Sterling

I was responsible for concept and UX designs for various products, such as and WebMatrix, under the Microsoft Azure product. I also worked closely with project management to deliver visual and web designs for the Azure marketing site that were released on a weekly and daily basis. This meant translating technical and business driven goals into compelling yet relevant designs for the enterprise / consumer market--fast. We worked hard at strategically getting new customers to demo the product, while also engaging existing customers with web services.


From concept to reality

I designed a variety of interaction and web designs that ranged from wild to conservative in order to experiment on a direction for the market. Through A/B testing, we worked with PM to land on a direction that resonated with customers--especially during high volume traffic from key developer conferences. 


Design for impact

During this time, Microsoft Design was going through a flat and design aesthetic. Microsoft Azure was one of the teams within the company leading the charge from a developer and enterprise perspective. Although the Metro design language was commonly known for squares and tiles, we experimented with minimal designs that had personality.