1. Wake up early and train hard while others are still sleeping.  And then train again later that day.  When the call comes, be ready for anything--even if that call never comes.

  2. Listen to your gut.  Own up to that voice inside that yells to stop wasting time.  

  3. Do not answer to the excuses, whines, and doubts of others.  Have zero patience for those that do not hold true to what they say without spitting venom out of your mouth--move on. 

  4. Climb that damn mountain.  Show up on time and firing on all eight cylinders.  Life's too short to be sleepy and not motivated.   

  5. Stop overthinking and take that first step now.  Laser focus on the fundamentals and do the work. Period.   

  6. It can be better, it will be better.  Improve with furious energy on everything that you touch.  Be known for this and the name that is said when people look for an expert.  Then, finish it without posting it all over facebook.  

  7. Be the anchor when those around you waver or need help--especially when it comes to your own pack.

  8. Laugh at the face of challenge--it is contagious.  Adapt to the hand you are dealt with grace and agility.   

  9. Have a damn opinion and know when and how to speak to them without shoving it down someone's throat.  Educate yourself on topics that are raging.

  10. Build your empire with purpose and help those in need.  Destroy with a iron fist and ride eternal shiny and chrome when weirdos roll up on your territory.