TED Points 05: Keep your goals to yourself

  • ⏲ 3:15 length
  • 🌤 Not the best presentation (although I'm a fan of him ever since seeing him speak live) but bonus points for landing the message in 3 minutes
  • 🎯 A point that I personally believe in

  1. Stop blabbing about your goals. When friends respond with encouragement, it gives a sense of feel-good that detracts you from working towards the goal.
  2. Scientific community's term for it is 'substitution'. 
  3. I find his point to be very valid from a personal example that weighs heavy from dedicating a full year to attempting and failing at Selection
...your mind mistakes the talking for the doing...

TED Points 03: What reality are you creating for yourself

  • ⏲ 11:46 length
  • 👌 Convincing speaker
  • 🚀 Great watch for motivation

  1. You create your own reality: what we see is our own virtual reality constructed by our own perceptions and beliefs.
  2. "Hold yourself accountable for every moment, every thought, every detail."
  3. Let go of critics and fear; create your own reality through intention. 


...Harness your internal strength. Silence your internal critic. Correct your misconceptions about luck and about success. Accept your strengths and your weaknesses, and understand the difference...