TED Points 04: Global population growth, box by box

  • ⏲ 10:04 length
  • 👍 Convincing speaker
  • 💯 Highly recommend for a better grasp on a global issue that is not discussed enough

  1. "Child survival is the new green". A better child mortality rate leads to a more sustainable world... Fascinating segment starting at 6:27 to show why this makes sense. 
  2.  The buying power of an economy to go from walking, cycling, driving, flying is relevant as it goes from poor to emerging to rich. A personal observation of this point is the massive surge of Chinese tourists over the last few years.
  3. I was impressed with the tactic of explaining an information dense topic by not relying on charts and graphs, but with the masterful use of mundane IKEA boxes instead.
...But if, and only if, [the poorest] get out of poverty, they get education, they get improved child survival, they can buy a bicycle and a cell phone and come [to live in a better economy], then population growth will stop...

TED Points 03: What reality are you creating for yourself

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  • 🚀 Great watch for motivation

  1. You create your own reality: what we see is our own virtual reality constructed by our own perceptions and beliefs.
  2. "Hold yourself accountable for every moment, every thought, every detail."
  3. Let go of critics and fear; create your own reality through intention. 


...Harness your internal strength. Silence your internal critic. Correct your misconceptions about luck and about success. Accept your strengths and your weaknesses, and understand the difference...